About Us

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Comments / Suggestions. Please email sales@consumables.co.uk where we will be pleased to help.

We appreciate the patronage you have given to our small, family run business.

Life started for consumables.co.uk back in 1996.  A group of friends who were working for a consumables wholesaler in Bromley, Kent decided to get together and offer consumables online.  The original members started the website by all taking it in turns to key every single product that was available at the time into a spreadsheet which took months to complete.  The company has gone through many changes over the years, products have changed, our original website is gone, but we still remain committed to our original ideals. Today we specialize in the CD Stomper System. This system is no longer available to purchase new, but the templates can still be found by using Audiolabel for customers who have upgraded to Windows 10. A great cost effective way to use the same labels you have been happy with for years.

Please visit www.audiolabel.com to download a free trial of the software. Remember to select CD Stomper (Europe) for your template.

We are proud to still remain independent, and are a 100% family owned company.